Doctors in Canada

For doctors educated and trained in Canada, the County of Grande Prairie offers career and lifestyle opportunities not currently available in other parts of the country. Not only are there available positions that will perfectly suit your skill set and/or interests, but living and working in one of our communities will offer you and your family an experience that's fulfilling and rife with benefits.

So whether you currently live in another part of Alberta, Saskatchewan or any other part of Canada, a relocation to one of the County's towns or rural communities has much to offer you. Have a look:

  • Modern facilities and clinics operating within a leading health care system
  • Opportunities for career advancement with support for research and specialization
  • A high standard of living
  • Employment and career advancement opportunities for family members
  • Schools
  • Unlimited options for recreation
  • The chance to work in a place where doctors are appreciated

Take a moment to browse the list of positions that are currently available in our communities. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns with regards to relocation, incentives or eligibility requirements.
And this is just the beginning of what you can expect when you relocate your career to a practice in the County of Grande Prairie!