Doctors in Ireland

If you've ever thought about relocating, the opportunities currently available in the County of Grande Prairie may persuade you to take the leap and to start a career in a place where doctors are highly respected and rewarded accordingly.

Not only do doctors who choose to practice in what is often referred to as 'South Peace Country' enjoy many opportunities that aren't available to doctors in other parts of the world, but their families also enjoy a high quality of life and endless possibilities, while living in one of our County's tight-knit communities.

Choose the County of Grande Prairie and you have this to look forward to:

  • A high standard of living
  • Incentives and moving subsidies
  • State-of-the-art facilities, including hospitals and clinics
  • A health care system revered world-wide for its ability to provide comprehensive, quality care to all residents who require it, regardless of whether or not they can pay for it
  • A strong system of support for doctors who wish to further their careers by doing research or specializing in a certain area of medicine
  • A healthy local economy, capable of providing your family members with excellent opportunities
  • Quality schools within a leading education system
  • Recreational activities to suit any and every preference

But that's not all! Fast-track your career in the position you've always dreamed of while leading a fulfilling life in a busy town or laid back rural community. An exciting career opportunity is waiting for you! View the available positions now, but remember that doctors educated outside of Canada must satisfy a number of requirements before applying for their practice permit and to be eligible for health care jobs in Alberta.