Doctors in Pakistan

If advancing your career while living and working in a place that values doctors is something that appeals to you, a relocation to the County of Grande Prairie could be just what you're looking for. The area that is also known as 'South Peace Country' is made up of bustling towns and rural communities, all of which have exciting career opportunities to offer doctors, like you. 

Deciding to relocate to one of our communities will provide you and your family with advantages not available to people living in many other parts of the world. The following is a brief summary of just some of the many benefits you can enjoy:

  • Modern hospitals, clinics and other health care facilities
  • A universal health care system that's publicly funded and covers residents who require medically necessary care
  • Salaries that provide a high standard of living, in addition to relocation incentives and moving subsidies
  • The chance to pursue research or specializations that are of interest
  • A local economy that's brimming with employment opportunities for the people in your family
  • An excellent education system and access to elementary, secondary and post-secondary schools
  • Access to a wide variety of recreational activities

For doctors who received their education and training in a country other than Canada, special requirements must be met before you can be eligible for a position in the Alberta health care field. Please review the list of  basic requirements before applying for your practice permit and proceeding with any job applications.

To ask a question about relocation incentives, career opportunities, living in the County of Grande Prairie or anything else, please contact us.