South Africa

South Africa

Doctors in South Africa

For doctors who are willing to relocate, the County of Grande Prairie has much to offer. From incredible career advancement opportunities, professional support, a strong economy, tight-knit communities, beautiful landscapes and more, doctors who choose to practice in 'South Peace Country' lead fulfilling lives with rewarding careers. 

Deciding to relocate to one of our communities will provide you and your family with advantages not available to people living in many other parts of the world. The following is a brief summary of just some of the many benefits you can enjoy:

  • Work within a world-class health care system that provides universal and publicly funded medical care to Canadian residents
  • Choose from positions in modern hospitals, clinics and other facilities
  • Enjoy the high standard of living that our doctors' salaries provide, while also taking advantage of incentive bonuses and subsidies to help cover your relocation expenses
  • Pursue your professional interests through research and career specialization
  • A strong local economy offers your family many exciting opportunities
  • A quality education system with access to schools from elementary to post-secondary
  • A plethora of recreational activities--there's something for everyone!

And this is only the beginning! Take a moment to peruse the job opportunities that are currently available in the area. 

Please remember that doctors who were not educated in Canada must satisfy specific requirements before applying for their Alberta Medical Practice Permit. This permit is required in order to be eligible for any and all physician positions in the province. Review these requirements here.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have a question or would like more information on anything you read on this site.