Family Practitioners


Opportunities for Family Practitioners in the County of Grande Prairie, Alberta

If you're a Family practitioner, County of Grande Prairie's medical sector is your oyster. Right now, a medical practitioner who is educated and licensed for general practice can choose from several exciting opportunities at medical clinics and other facilities surrounding the city.

A Family Practitioner Placement to Suit Your Needs and Interests

Practitioners from around the world who are willing to relocate to our communities will discover that the area has much to offer them in the way of career development. Not only is the County of Grande Prairie area a great place for general practitioners to start their careers, but it's also the place for fulfilling career goals. When you work here as a medical practitioner, you will receive the support you need to pursue research interests or to focus your practice in specific areas of general medicine. Specialists located at the new regional hospital provide support to your efforts as a general practitioner.

For people trained in general or family medicine, Alberta's modern medical facilities and advanced health care system present unique opportunities that aren't currently available in other parts of the country or even the world. Working as a practitioner in a medical facility here will be remarkably different than it is any place else--and that's a promise!

Accelerate Your Medical Career

With so many unique opportunities for practitioners who work in general medicine, the prospect of advancing one's career is not just a possibility but a guarantee. In fact, it's easy for practitioners to advance their careers much more quickly than they would in places with greater competition and fewer resources. What's more is that every medical practitioner who relocates to the area enjoys a high standard of living, moving incentives and more. A general practitioner working full-time should expect an income of $350,000 to $400,000 per year.


Find Your Dream Career as a Medical Practitioner in the County of Grande Prairie Today!