Incentive Details

Incentive Details

In Addition to Great Career Opportunities, Here's What We're Offering

If you're interested in relocating, the County of Grande Prairie has much to offer your career and your family. Within Alberta's leading health care system, there's the chance to specialize, establish a career that's perfectly suited to your personal interests and needs, and work with other highly-skilled people in modern facilities.

There's a lot of upside to relocating to the County of Grande Prairie, but we've got incentives that will sweeten the deal, just that much more.

What We Offer

  • The County of Grande Prairie
    • Physicians who relocate to the County of Grande Prairie to practise will receive $10,000. In order for a physician to receive this bonus, they must meet special conditions that include committing to practising in the region for a minimum of 3 years.
    • Competitive salaries
    • Moving subsidies
  • The Town of Beaverlodge
    • An additional incentive program is offered to doctors who relocate to the Town of Beaverlodge, including a 5 year tax incentive where municipal taxes are waived and the town pays for the education and Grande Spirit portion of the municipal property taxes for the doctor's residence, as well as a $5000 relocation bonus. To be eligible for these incentives, certain conditions apply.
    • Competitive salaries
  • The Village of Hythe
    • The Village of Hythe provides rental incentives for doctors renting the clinic space, on a case-by-case basis.
    • Competitive salaries
  • The province offers a $40,000 bonus for doctors who relocate to work in Northern Alberta, as well as $10,000 for moving expenses.
  • AMA

    Alberta Medical Association provides leadership and support and is an advocate for Alberta physician members.

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To learn more about the incentives offered with health care positions in the County of Grande Prairie, please contact us.