Medical Recruitment

Medial Recruitment

We're Not a Medical Recruitment Agency but a Committee of Dedicated Volunteers, Ready to Help You Establish a Career in One of Our Communities

If you're looking to start a career in the medical field, or are on the hunt for bigger and better opportunities, medical recruitment is a fast and easy way to get what it is that you want and deserve from your next job. While recruiters are one option, sites like this one also keep you up-to-date and in touch with the latest developments and opportunities in the medical profession. County of Grande Prairie have much to offer a physician like you and we're here to simplify your search. 


A Digital Resource that Offers the Same Benefits as Physician Recruiters but with Greater Flexibility

As a physician, you can certainly benefit from aligning yourself with recruiters; instead of hunting for the right position on your own, recruiters can find your next job in the medical profession for you. But what if you're not located in an area where recruiters are looking for candidates, or you find that the traditional recruitment process is just too long, limiting or not effective?

If you want to find a rewarding career in the medical profession in a place that's brimming with opportunity and ready to welcome you with open arms, this digital recruitment website is your solution! Our recruitment committee is a volunteer-based group of local communities, not a for-profit agency.

Your Medical Career Starts Here

Use this site as your gateway for discovering the amazing things that the County of Grande Prairie has to offer not only your career as a physician, but also your family. Recruitment can ease the burden of having to find a job, but we'll put you on your way to starting a new career in a place that's capable of meeting your professional and personal needs and exceeding your expectations.

If you relocate to one of our communities, our volunteers and other community members will help you feel settled and welcome. We will also assist your spouse in seeking new employment opportunities, if you desire.


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